Margarita Barroso currently resides in Miami, FL where she is inspired by the pulse of the city. She draws her creativity from the emotions evoked from her interactions with Miami’s environment and its diverse people.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on January 22, 1958, she is the daughter of a Venezuelan mother and Spaniard father. The eldest of five siblings, she was raised under the stern guidance of her father who did not hide his disapproval.

This upbringing was not conducive to her exploration and development of her natural talents during her childhood and adolescences because artistic expression was deemed unnecessary.

Despite this perceived limitation, Margarita’s passion for self-expression through any media could not be extinguished. As a young adult, she strove to realize her dream of becoming a full-time artist. She was mentored by Wladimir Zabaleta, recipient of the Andrés Pérez Mujica del Salón Michelena award in Venezuela. Zabaleta’s ability to recognize and appreciate Margarita’s gift motivated her to forge ahead. She continued her training for several years under Antonio Aguilar, the Director of the School of Fine Arts in Valencia at the time.

Today, Margarita’s works are focused on different styles of modern art posing various themes through colors and textures. She describes her abstract works as an evolving play of colors and textures that create unexpected images. While her figurative works are inspired by the mysticism of Atlantis and the powerful women in her life. Margarita aspires to communicate a world of harmony and the happiness of the here and now through her art.