Past Events

PIAG Museum


This past April I joined the PIAG Museum in Central Florida for Earth Day as apart of their Art Cubes tradition.  

Here are some past submissions from their website.

Beaux Arts: Festival of Arts


  The 68th annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art will take place on the beautiful campus of University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida on January 12 and 13, 2019.  

Art Expo - New York


 Artexpo New York is the world’s largest fine art trade show, providing dealers, collectors, and buyers with access to thousands of innovative works from artists and publishers in one venue. The curated Artexpo Pavilion hosts leading publishers and gallery owners along with established independent artists. 

Art Expo - Las Vegas


 Since its launch in 2005, Las Vegas Market has become one of the largest trade buyer markets in the United States—and Artexpo is joining the party! 

The Bienal Internacional


 Another international show, this time in Buenos Aires, Argentina from October 10th to the 15th. 

Pinecrest Fine Arts Festival - 2019


Come to one of Florida's premiere judged art shows, our 16th Annual Fine Arts Festival, and enjoy a day surrounded by spectacular visual arts in the most lush and luxurious setting. This will be the 3rd year we are apart of this show. 

events and achievements through the years


Individual Events

  • Ft. Myers Craft Festival - Fort Myers, FL (2019)
  • Beaux Arts Festival of Art - Miami, FL (2019)
  • Pinecrest 16th Annual Fine Arts Festival - Pinecrest, FL (2019)
  • Red Dot apart of Art Basel - Miami, FL (2018)
  • IV Bienal Internacional - Buenos Aires, Argentina (2018)
  • Trump International Resort - Sunny Isles, FL (2018) 
  • Mirada Retrospectiva at White's Art Gallery - Miami, FL (2018) 
  • Art Expo - New York (2018)
  • Art Expo - Las Vegas  (2018)
  • Hernan Gamboa Gallery - Miami, FL (2018)
  • Pinecrest 15th Annual Fine Arts Festival - Pinecrest, FL (2018)
  • Spectrum apart of Art Basel - Miami, FL (2017)
  • Impulse Art Gallery's Women in Art - Houston, TX (2017)
  • Las Olas Art Fair - Fort Lauderdale, FL (2017)
  • Pinecrest Arts Festival - Pinecrest, FL (2017)
  • Sarracino Gallery - Collective Exhibitions (2017)
  • Museum of the Americas (2016)
  • Las Olas Festival (2016)
  • Pinecrest Fine Arts Festival (2015)
  • International Exhibitions of Coral Gables - Gallery Madero (2014)
  • Work Shown in the mueseum La Victoria in Venezuela (2009)
  • Oil Room in the Canary Islands, Spain (2009)
  • Exhibition in the Athenaeum of San Cristobal, Venezuela (2010) 
  • Exhibition in the Anthenaeum of Valencia, Venezuela (2007)


  • Second Place in city painting competition - Maracay, Venezuela (2013)
  • First place in "Presentation of Work for th City" Tenerife, Canary Island, Spain (2012)


  • "Art and Culture for the Gallery of Valencia" - Venezuela 
  • "Art in the City" - Valencia, Venezuela
  • "Social and Cultural works for the Athenaeum in Gomera, Spain"

Collective Exhibitions

  • Group exhibition in Coral Gables
  • Art show among artist Maria Elena Gimenez and Antonio Perez in the city of Valencia, Venezuela (2011)
  • Group exhibition of painting and mixed media art for the Navy School of Barcelona in Venezuela (2011)